Turn Website Visitors Into Church Visitors

Aaron McClung Featured, Online Strategy

Your website is the front door to your church for most people in your community. It’s always open, and always ready to help people learn more about your church. Let’s walk through how your church can better communicate your vision and attract guests through your online web presence.

The stats are powerful.

Let’s begin by looking at some data related to how non-churched people use church websites these days. There’s a whole lot of people out there that God is drawing to Himself.


People are visiting your website to decide whether they should visit or not. Does it accurately communicate who you are?

Of all those millions of people who visit church websites every year, only 5% will contact you directly to get more information (Gartner Research). So your website must answer their questions to guide them as they are deciding whether they should visit or not. We have to answer their questions quickly and effectively in order to help them decide if your church is the right fit for them. So, what are their questions?


features-guestsWhat are best practices to help answer these types of questions?

‘I’m New’ Content
Does your site have a section for those new to your church? An “I’m New” tab is a must these days to help deliver the basic info in a way that is tailored for newcomers. Don’t clutter that section up with endless details that don’t pertain to new folks. Help them get to the campus. Make sure they know when to be there, where to drop off their kids, and what the pastor looks like. Communicate the vision of the church in simple terms. These are basic things, but traffic analytics still show those to be the most visited pages.

Mobile Friendly
Making sure visitors can view your site on their phones is critical. Often, they are on your site on their phone on the way to the church for the first time. Make sure they can see easily find the address and ensure you are listed with Google maps so they can find you on their phone map app.

No other medium tells your story better than a simple overview video. Stories from you local body are awesome as well to let outsiders know that people like them have been impacted through the ministry of your church.

Sermons Archive
Online messages allow guests to listen and/or watch at home to learn what the pastor and service are like before they come. Anything a website can do to help remove unknowns for first time guests is helpful.

Staff Bios/Photos
Guests want to see what the people are like at your church and who is steering the ship. Our staff module allows you to display your team in an organized manner highlighting the diversity, strengths, interests and service areas of your staff. Surprising to many, the staff page is always one of the most visited pages in a church website.

Social Media Integration
Being active on Facebook helps show a guest that your church is active and is trying to be somewhat culturally relevant. It’s good to have a simple feed of your latest social channel posts displayed directly on your site so people can click to go to an environment they are fairly comfortable with to learn more about the people in your church. They can also see if any of their Facebook friends ‘like’ your church already which is another connection point for them to want to visit.

Your website is a part of your outreach efforts.

You have seen the stats. You know what types of content can help. Now, it’s time to get to work. If your site is outdated or is no longer effective, we would love to help your church put a tool like a Churchrise website to work for you. Let’s get started today.