Increase Small Group Engagement

Brenna Allison Churchrise Features, Featured

Small groups and classes are an integral part of growing in a church community. The Churchrise Small Groups module makes the search and enrollment process easy and simple, displaying groups in one central location on your site, making it simple and easy for members of the church to seek out and find a group or class that fits their needs. In the same respect, having all classes listed in the same area lets members of your church effectively pick the one that will be most beneficial to them.

small-group-circleWith Churchrise, adding new groups or classes to your site is straightforward and easy. It’s simple to create groups. Each listing includes meeting times, locations, leader names, and contact info. The small groups feature of the Churchrise platform allows each church to compile a list of the groups or classes available within the congregation. Not only are they centralized to one location, but have dates, times, descriptions, and the ability to fill out contact information that is sent to the group leader or instructor directly for more in-depth information.

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