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Brenna Allison Churchrise Features

Blog posts help keep your congregation up-to-date.

All Churchrise sites include functionality to create your own church blog content. Current and prospective members can visit this part of the site to hear directly from church leaders to stay inspired with the Kingdom objectives of the church as well as how that vision relates to upcoming events, milestones, and much more that are happening at your church. They may even sort the blog entries by category if they have a specific interest in one area of the church. Once Churchrise users have found the blog post that they’re looking for, they have the ability to print, email, or even share the entry via social media.

And just like the rest of the Churchrise CMS, Blog posts are easy to add, categorize and maintain. A blog only needs a feature image, article content, and the author’s name. You may also create categories for different types of blogs so they can be sorted by users.

Another benefit to blogs is that the content generated by blog articles is indexed by Google. This means you can input important keywords related to your unique vision within blog content. These keywords help those looking for churches like yours to find you simply by your articles using the buzz words they are looking for.

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