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Brenna Allison Churchrise Features

event-module-circleChurchrise Allows You To Personalize Your Events Calendar

We know your church has a long list of events and things happening around the clock. You need a convenient way for members of your church to access an event calendar. The Churchrise platform has an easy-to-use calendar feature.

Once you log in to the CMS, you can start creating events to add to the schedule. New events can be made with day, time, location, coordinators contact information, and a short description of the event. Each item has complex scheduling capabilities as well. (recurring, every other week, etc.)

When someone visits the calendar portion of a Churchrise site they have the option to view as a list or as a regular monthly calendar. Built into the calendar is also the ability for users to filter events either by category (Adult, youth, children, etc.) when shown in the monthly view or by date when shown in the list view. Within each event, members of your church can directly register for the calendar item they’re looking at and also add it to their personal calendar on their own computer.

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