Introduce Visitors to Your Staff

Brenna Allison Churchrise Features

staff-module-circleThe staff page is always one of the top pages visited on your church website.

Visitors want to see your staff before they visit your church. They want to know if there are people like them in your church so they can know if your church will be a fit for them and their family. With so much riding on this page’s content, we have included a Staff module with every Churchrise site to make it easy for you to display your staff on your website.

Adding staff bios in Churchrise is anything but complicated. When you’re adding a new staff member you can enter all of their information including name, position, contact information, and their brief history. You also have the ability to upload a photo for each staff member on bio page and to choose which staff positions are featured on the original subpage.

When people visit this page on your Churchrise website they can see each staff members full bio page. They also have access to their church contact information as well as social media, if provided. For convenience, if someone is looking for a certain church department, the bios page can be sorted by category.

Check out what your staff bios could look like >