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Brenna Allison Churchrise Features

Unlike other template sites, Churchrise was made specifically for a church.

A great example of that is how we created our online sermon module. We actually give you the choice between two different sermon modules giving you the option to choose the one that fits your church best.

For churches who have sermon series and artwork for their sermons, we suggest using the Sermon Series Art version of our Sermon module to allow you a visual grid and list view option for displaying and organizing your sermons. For churches who do not use series artwork then a well organized List View only version is the better choice as it doesn’t display art images.






sermons-circleWhichever option you go with, the Churchrise CMS makes it easy to manage your sermon content. Once logged into Churchrise, you have the ability to upload audio and video files of each sermon to be shown on your church’s site. When creating a new entry you can fully customize the entry details with the speaker, topic, category, date, and the specific scripture covered.

When users are browsing through sermons on a Churchrise site they have the ability to filter by the same categories you filled out when creating the sermon entries. After a user has found a sermon, they have the option to listen or watch immediately, download for later, and even share it on social media.

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